PHAI Waste Water Treatment

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Welcome to the CNL Supplier Portal

The purpose of this portal is to provide you, a potential or current supplier to CNL, with useful information about how CNL plans and carries out procurement activities for goods, services, equipment, decommissioning and construction.

CNL seeks to maintain a healthy supply base to undertake the diverse range of work the laboratories carry out and is committed to proactive communication about working with CNL and the opportunities that exist. Please visit Procurement Opportunities and Awards to review upcoming opportunities.

Drive safely and respectfully

CNL has received mounting complaints about poor and dangerous driving habits being exhibited on Plant Road in the Town of Chalk River. This includes people speeding, driving aggressively, honking horns and passing other vehicles unsafely.  This is unacceptable. 

While we expect employees and contractors to drive safely at all times, this is especially true on the section of road between the Outer Gate and Highway 17, which is a residential area where children and parents often walk and play along the roadway. The speed limit is 40 km per hour in this section. Slow down, leave ample space between yourself and the car ahead, and resist the urge to pass or speed. 


You have questions?  We have answers

We have a range of resources to help you make the most of the upcoming procurement opportunities, and navigate the procurement processes to work with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

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