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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Community Advisory Panel

What is the CAP?

The Chalk River Laboratories’ Community Advisory Panel (CAP) objective is to bring new voices from the community into the dialogue between Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and the Renfrew and Pontiac region.

Through the CAP, we hope to increase understanding, grow our appreciation of our communities’ diverse perspectives, and enable members of the community to access first-hand knowledge about CNL activities.

Discussions between CNL and the CAP will focus on the activities that are subject to licensing and environmental regulation as well as activities that may affect the social and economic life of the community.

CNL hosted its first CAP meeting on Thursday September 9, 2021, and will host regular meetings four times a calendar year going forward. CAP meetings are facilitated by independent third-party facilitators.

Meeting notes are taken at each meeting, recording all questions and actions that occurred.


The CAP consists of a diverse group of community members with varying backgrounds, most of whom are residents of Renfrew County.

For more information about the CAP email