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Clean energy for today and tomorrow.

The way we produce energy is changing. It has to. Not only to protect the environment, but to protect our way of life. To build a clean energy future here in Canada, we have to pursue scientific progress today.

Science to develop energy that is free of greenhouse gases. Science to protect our environment from pollutants and other harmful emissions.  And science to make clean energy technologies work better together, from nuclear energy and hydrogen to solar and wind power.

Small Modular Reactors

SMRs will challenge your assumptions about nuclear power. They are safe, more efficient, and more flexible than the reactors of the past. And they make more than electricity. Heat for your homes and businesses. Steam for industrial processes.  And clean, reliable power in places that need it.

Companies from around the world are coming to CNL to bring these technologies to life.

Hydrogen Technology

CNL is accelerating the transition to a hydrogen economy with advanced hydrogen production and energy storage technologies. Our partnerships with industry, academic institutions, national and global organizations demonstrate our commitment to innovation and exemplary quality assurance.

CNL is a recognized world leader in niche catalyst production for nuclear and non-nuclear applications with significant capacity to support tritium-related technology needs and new product development.

Reactor Sustainability

We support utilities, the nuclear supply chain, and industry research through operations and maintenance practices that improve reactor operations and respond to emergent issues; life extension initiatives that enable long-term operations; and innovation that develops technologies to support reactor modernization and efficiencies.

Advanced Fuels

To support long-term reliability of existing reactors and the development of advanced reactors, advanced nuclear fuel concepts are being developed worldwide. These advanced fuels offer improved performance, failure tolerance, safety, proliferation resistance, and accident tolerance; and are recycled or recyclable.

Latest News from Our Clean Energy Program

  • Here at CNL, we’ve harnessed nuclear science to change the way Canadians power their lives. And we’re poised to do it again.

    Whether it’s SMRs, hydrogen vehicles or advanced fuel technologies, CNL is solving some of the world’s most challenging problems in clean energy.

    To build a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future for all Canadians.