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Safety & Security

Canada, as a nuclear nation, has responsibilities for public safety, security and emergency response. CNL supports Canada in meeting its obligations by sustaining world-class S&T capabilities in nuclear safety and security, non-proliferation and counter-terrorism, and in nuclear emergency preparedness and response.

CNL works with government departments and agencies and with international bodies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to develop technologies and methodologies that address emerging requirements and opportunities for improvement in national and international nuclear security. This work includes improvements the detection and interception of special nuclear materials at borders; advanced detection techniques that anticipate the evolution of chemical biological radiological nuclear and explosive threats; innovation in safeguards and security required for the deployment of advanced SMRS in Canada and abroad; nuclear forensics signatures and analysis methods; verification methodologies for international nuclear treaties; and cyber security of industrial control systems for nuclear and non-nuclear critical infrastructure.

CNL sustains incident response and emergency preparedness capability at a world-class level includes developing, exercising and commercializing, where applicable, new technology and methodologies that improve the response time and effectiveness in characterizing and scoping incidents immediately post event; supporting triage and treatment of victims; and providing decorporation and decontamination of radioactivities. Innovative efforts in this area include the development of biomarkers that will potentially reduce the time required for post-event bio-dosimetry from hours to minutes.

In the next 10 year period, and in partnership with federal departments and agencies, CNL will develop a national capability to provide 24/7 radiological and nuclear expert consultation to Canadian safety and security field operations, such as first-responders, on an as-required basis. CNL will also maintain an operational capability for emergency response that is available to the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan. CNL helps ensure Canada remains at the forefront of safety and security through involvement on behalf of Canada in international forums such as the Nuclear Energy Agency and the IAEA.