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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at CNL

CNL’s DE&I Commitment

CNL is dedicated to entrenching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in all areas of our organization. Our commitment to DE&I is anchored on our overarching core values of safety, accountability, excellence, respect, teamwork, and integrity.

As part of our vision 2030, we have crafted a well-informed DE&I strategy with the aim of cultivating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees with meaningful commitment to the implementation of the DE&I strategy.

Embedding DE&I in the Employee Lifecycle

CNL’s DE&I Strategic Plan seeks to embed the three key overarching tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our employee lifecycle, creating a modern, flexible, and innovative workplace where all employees are respected and supported to achieve their full potential while embracing and showcasing their unique identity.

Accountability in our progress

CNL will implement a three-step process to ensure accountability and measure progress toward our DE&I goals.

Take Action
Take actionable steps to review and ensure that all policies and procedures are aligned with our overarching DE&I goals. We will prioritize strategies based on data and progress identified. This process will allow us to use data and feedback to inform our DE&I priorities and inspect our progress toward achieving them.

Assess Current State
Regularly assess the current state of the employee experience using the employee engagement survey as well as providing  feedback mechanisms for employees and consulting with our employee representatives to provide insight into how  employees perceive DE&I, specifically how our employees feel about our current DE&I efforts to identify areas that require further development.
Analyze the Data
Analyze the data gathered and assess progress on diversifying  representation using employment equity metrics and other relevant data points. We will use this information to measure our progress toward our DE&I goals and identify areas that might require further development.

DE&I Governance

DE&I Education

CNL provides ongoing education to all our staff. Our goal is to empower our staff to embrace the unique perspectives and experiences, that each team member brings to the table. Through continuous DE&I learning and development, employees at all levels will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate interactions with colleagues, and clients in a manner that aligns with our DE&I goals and CNL core values and fosters an inclusive environment.

CNL’s DE&I Committee

CNL’s DE&I Committee serves as a platform for joint consultation between employees and management for discussing matters related to DE&I. The committee addresses concerns raised by employees and develop recommendations to management in relation to DE&I best practices.

Celebrating our Diversity

CNL recognizes and celebrates cultural, ethnic, gender and other significant events and celebrations. This includes external events, community sponsorships, web content, social posts and in-person activities. We do so to help employees feel safe, valued, included and proud at work, and to establish an environment where our diversity is accepted, appreciated and celebrated.