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Visitor Registration

As you can imagine, there are a great number of people with a keen interest in seeing the CNL campuses. By giving visitors a chance to see the technology first hand, we can properly showcase the full range of activities here at Canada's premier nuclear science and technology laboratory. However, tours of CRL need to be carefully planned to ensure the safety and security of our visitors and our sites. CNL is not able to accomodate individual requests for tours of the campuses; all group visits must be pre-arranged.
Visitor Registration

Please carefully review the questions below and submit a registration email for every member of your party.

Information must be provided in full and submitted a minimum of five business days in advance of your arrival, unless otherwise instructed by your visit coordinator.

Entry to the CNL Chalk River or Whiteshell Laboratories sites is conditional upon consent to being searched by a member of CNL’s Security team for prohibited items and nuclear material or technologies.

Registering for this visit provides irrevocable consent for CNL to conduct personal security screening assessments.


Every member of the visiting delegation must complete the  form at the link below. 

Visitor Registration / Security Form Submission

If you are having difficulty accessing the form, or have any additional questions, please email


Reminders and Advice

  • Wear flat-soled, closed-toe shoes and long pants.
  • Government-issued photo identification is required. Passport required for international visitors.
  • Advise of severe allergies, pregnancy or medical conditions / devices.
  • Advise of recent radiation therapies.
  • Advise of dietary restrictions.
  • Food, including candy, gum, medicine and lozenges, is not permitted in certain areas of the laboratories.
  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories are non-smoking facilities. Please smoke only in designated areas.
  • Minimize and consider eliminating the use of scented personal hygiene and cosmetic products in the workplace.