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Hydrogen Research

Accelerating the transition to a hydrogen society

Accelerating the transition to a hydrogen society

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is accelerating the transition to a hydrogen economy with advanced hydrogen production and energy storage technologies. Our strategic partnerships with industry, academic institutions, national and global organisations demonstrate our commitment to innovation and exemplary quality assurance.

CNL is a recognized world leader in niche catalyst production for nuclear and non-nuclear applications with significant capacity to support tritium-related technology needs and new product development.

CNL’s new state-of-the-art Hydrogen Isotopes Technology Laboratory

CNL applies hydrogen technology to achieve clean, safe energy production and in other industrial applications. We offer application services and expertise in niche catalyst production and hydrogen and hydrogen isotope management to solve critical industrial challenges.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Heavy water production and management
  • Hydrogen production technologies
  • Hydrogen safety technologies
  • Energy storage technologies


  • Noble metal catalyst production for various applications
  • Catalyst development and testing for various applications
  • Testing of processes (small to large-scale) that apply catalyst
  • Process applications development such as heavy water production, hydrogen production, hydrogen recombination, and hydrogen compression
  • Catalyst production and testing
  • Electrochemical cell component production and testing
  • Surface characterization of materials


  • Dedicated hydrogen and oxygen supply systems
  • Industry standard hydrogen/oxygen/nitrogen safety systems
  • Controlled access to the hydrogen laboratories
  • Gas and liquid analytical services
  • Onsite services such as de-ionized water, compressed air, nitrogen
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