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References & Forms

This section includes many of CNL's general policies, procurement and contractor management documents and forms that apply to contractors/suppliers that may be referred to in contract documents.

List of CNEA Affiliates

CNL is committed to managing potential conflicts and appearances of conflict which might be created when it is contracting with affiliated companies of its shareholder, Canadian National Energy Alliance Ltd. (“CNEA”) which currently consist of Fluor Government Group – Canada Inc., CH2M Hill Canada Limited, Atkins Energy Canada Group Ltd., SNC-Lavalin Inc. and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (the “CNEA Affiliates”), for supply of goods and services.

To that end, CNL asks that its suppliers and contractors, intending to respond to an RFP or other competitive sourcing event, advise in advance of submitting their proposal, if they intend to form an alliance, partner or joint venture with a CNEA Affiliate in their bid, or if they intend to enter into subcontracts with CNEA Affiliates for material portions of work awarded to them, if they are the proponent selected.  This allows CNL to manage potential conflicts.

Government assistance for small businesses

You asked about CNL linking to an Ontario government website outlining programs of potential assistance to Ontario-based companies. We have provided a link below, aimed at small businesses that we hope will fulfil CNL’s needs.

For those companies based in Quebec, however, you may need to contact the Quebec government for a similar link.

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