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Revitalizing the Chalk River Laboratories campus

Revitalizing the Chalk River Laboratories campus

Through work delivered at the Chalk River Laboratories, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), and now CNL, has been a leader in developing peaceful and innovative applications of nuclear technology for more than six decades.  We are now ensuring that the infrastructure at Chalk River Laboratories can keep up with our efforts towards continued success in the fields of physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology and engineering.

This transformation is already underway, and we are actively decommissioning aging infrastructure and building new, world-class science facilities.  CNL is also conducting extensive environmental remediation of the Chalk River Laboratories site and we have a project in regulatory approvals to build a Near Surface Disposal Facility to safely manage low level waste which is now in temporary storage, and the waste resulting from decommissioning activities.

The revitalization will continue with the construction of an Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre, a Business Hub, a CNL Support Facility, a Logistics/Warehouse Facility, and several enhancements to our supporting infrastructure.

Enabled by a funding commitment from AECL,  we are transforming the Chalk River Laboratories into a modern workplace that will allow us to become more adaptable and responsive to the needs of our customers in government, academia and the private sector, thereby generating further opportunities for CNL and Canada’s nuclear industry beyond traditional market segments. We will turn these new investments at AECL’s Chalk River Laboratories into advances in clean energy, healthy Canadians, safe and secure borders, and a cleaner environment.

For our local communities in the Upper Ottawa Valley, this revitalization means we will remain a stable, long-term partner and employer. We continue to rely on our skilled local workforce and the support of our neighbours in the region. As CNL grows so will the opportunities for our local supply chain. Through commercial and academic partnerships, we will attract innovative companies to work beside us, and the best and brightest candidates to work for us.

Guiding Principles

Quality and Amenity

Design the campus and buildings to support leading-edge research, enhance the work environment and attract new business.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Develop highly efficient systems, networks and buildings that minimize operating / maintenance costs and reduce environmental impacts. This includes the use of innovative and sustainable mass timber construction.

Safe, Secure, Inviting

Design the site and buildings for maximum safety and security while enabling an “open campus” environment reflective of CNL’s role as a national nuclear laboratory.

A national asset

As we look to the challenges of the future – challenges like climate change, global health, cybersecurity, and energy independence – it is clear that science and innovation are needed now more than ever. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is transforming to meet these challenges.