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Invitation for SMR Demonstration Projects

Invitation for SMR Demonstration Projects

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd. (“CNL”) has outlined in its 2016-2026 10-Year Integrated Plan Summary its vision to be a global leader in nuclear science and technology: an organization that is commercially successful, respected for its scientific capabilities, and home to world-leading expertise based out of a modern, efficient and collaborative campus environment. As part of this, CNL has set a goal to demonstrate the commercial viability of SMRs before 2030, with a view to positioning Canada to take a leadership role in this emerging nuclear technology with CNL recognized globally as a leader in SMR prototype testing and Science and Technology (S&T) support.

Given the smaller physical size and electrical output, SMRs could be suitable for applications that require a small footprint or a relatively small power source. As a low-carbon energy source, SMRs have the potential to bring positive economic benefits to Canada, align with Canada’s commitment to fight climate change, could have important applications for remote communities, and have the potential to enhance nuclear safety through next generation nuclear technology.

CNL has been working with its client, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (“AECL”), to develop a process by which CNL could recommend the establishment of one or more SMR demonstration projects (“SMR Project”) on one or more sites owned by AECL (including Chalk River Laboratories and Whiteshell Laboratories).

As a result, CNL is pleased to announce this invitation (“Invitation”) to proponents of SMR demonstration projects (“Proponents”) who wish to be considered for inclusion in the evaluation process for an SMR demonstration project. There are several potential SMR sites available (each, an “SMR Site”), to potentially allow multiple Proponents, with key partners as applicable, to license, construct and operate demonstration SMRs on established nuclear sites with many operational, technical and licensing benefits. While CNL acknowledges that there are potentially multiple sites available, some of these sites may ultimately be more suitable for certain SMR Projects than others.

Proponents are invited to submit a response to this Invitation. Responses will be assessed against pre-determined criteria set out in the Evaluation Question Set.

This Invitation consists of the following documents:

Part 1: Cover Letter and Instructions to Proponents (including conditions relating to this Invitation)

Part 2: Evaluation Question Set (including evaluation criteria, response requirements and assessment basis)

Part 3: Response Template

Responses may be submitted any time, and may be assessed upon receipt, but no later than the next assessment round, at CNL’s discretion. Assessments are expected to occur at least semi-annually. All responses will receive a reply from CNL.

Proponents wishing to receive the documents comprising this Invitation in French can submit a request to [email protected].

It is important that Proponents understand that this is an Invitation in respect of which neither CNL nor AECL has any legal obligation or liability, including without limitation, with respect to how, whether or to what extent it reviews a response or recommends an SMR Project or continues with a recommended SMR Project. For clarity, this Invitation is not a procurement process, but rather, a process to help CNL advance its demonstration initiative.

CNL is a contractor of AECL and is not acting as AECL’s agent in issuing this Invitation. CNL may, in its sole discretion, and at any time:

  • suspend, revoke, or terminate this Invitation, including CNL’s review of any response to this Invitation, and its recommendation of any SMR Project;
  • alter, amend or modify the content and requirements of this Invitation and CNL’s consideration/review of any responses received to this Invitation, including revising (a) the schedule(s) associated with the Invitation and review of responses, (b) the requirements and criteria used by CNL in connection therewith, and (c) its recommendation of any SMR project; and
  • decide not to recommend the establishment of any SMR Project(s) whatsoever or decide to recommend the establishment of one or more SMR Project(s) on the basis of criteria or information that is in some or all respects different from, or inconsistent with, those set out in this Invitation.

By submitting a response, Proponents acknowledge and agree to the foregoing and that these conditions form an integral part of the Instructions to Proponents. To the extent that there is any conflict between the content of the Instructions to Proponents and this paragraph, this paragraph shall supersede and govern.

We thank you for your interest in the Invitation and look forward to receiving your response.

Canada’s first SMR demonstration project is underway

This work is aligned with CNL’s Strategic Initiative in small modular reactors and our vision to establish CNL as a global hub for the development of SMR technology.

GFP’s proposed project is presently in the third stage (negotiations) of CNL’s four stage Invitation to Site a Demonstration SMR. The invitation remains open with several proponents, all at different stages in the process.