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Indigenous Vendor Portal

Anamikàge. Welcome. Bonjour. Kwe-kwe. Aaniin. Waachi'ye. Boozhoo. Tawnshi kiyawow.
Indigenous Vendor Portal

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) manages sites and projects across Canada, on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., that are situated within the traditional and treaty territories of various Indigenous, Metis and Inuit nations and communities. CNL recognizes the constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada, and the importance of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands.

CNL is also committed to implementing Call to Action #92 from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report to actively promote and enable economic opportunity for Indigenous Businesses. In relation to this, we acknowledge the expectations among many Indigenous Businesses and communities that they be participants in economic development opportunities in their traditional and treaty territories.

In support of true and lasting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, including economic reconciliation, CNL aims to develop and strengthen capacity and competencies through building partnerships and collaboration with Indigenous communities and businesses, by helping to reducing barriers to procurement opportunities and enhance economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples.

Moreover, through continued and proactive dialogues with Indigenous Nations, we will collaboratively develop this strategy over time for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Indigenous Relations Procurement Strategy

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Indigenous Business Network

CNL’s Indigenous Relations
Key Contacts

Dale Leclair
Director, Indigenous Relations

Mitch MacKay
Director, Communications and Engagement

Nicole LeBlanc
Manager, Communications and Engagement
Location – Chalk River

Sarah Anderson
Manager, Stakeholder and Indigenous Relations
Location – Port Hope, Port Granby, and the Northern Transportation Route

Nicole LeBlanc
Manager, Communications and Engagement
Location – Whiteshell

CNL’s Indigenous Procurement
Key Contacts

Mel Jones
General Manager, Supply Chain

Khalil Ibrahim
Director, Supply Chain Program

Nancy Burnett
Program Manager, Supply Chain

Holly Goodings
Supply Chain Specialist

News & Announcements

  • Lou Riccoboni

    We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous communities. This includes support for economic development and entrepreneurship by assisting Indigenous businesses and communities in gaining access to contracts and participating in employment and capacity-building opportunities. We welcome you to connect with us.

    - Lou Riccoboni, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs