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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

CNL’s Environmental Remediation team is accelerating the accomplishment of the largest and most complex environmental remediation portfolio in Canadian history. CNL’s capabilities range from decommissioning, to environmental remediation, waste management, safety & licensing, and engineering. These capabilities are underpinned by the research laboratory as a technical authority and source of cross-cutting subject matter expertise.

Utilizing domestic and internationally proven and scientifically validated state of the art technologies and processes, CNL will complete significant projects that make a major impact on a sustainable environment for Canadians. As a result of CNL’s mission experience, CNL is prepared to offer an array of decommissioning and waste management services to support the broader Canadian and international industry.

CNL’s experience dates back 60 years and ranges from decommissioning planning and execution of both reactors and nuclear R&D facilities; waste management across the spectrum of low, intermediate and high level waste, including spent fuel; and development and testing of niche technologies to safely manage orphan wastes. CNL has multiple nuclear licensed sites in Canada which enables to ability to trial active demonstrators on real projects before bringing them to the market.


Full Scope Supplier, Desk Based Services, Specialized Services & Research and Development

  • Decommissioning planning and execution
  • Tritiated heavy water management
  • Spent resin management
  • Orphan waste management
  • Waste management planning and execution
  • Sorting & segregation

  • Characterization & clearance
  • Laser & chemical decontamination
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Soil remediation planning and execution
  • End-state planning
  • Tooling & new technologies development and testing

Business Development: Key Contacts

CNL is a full service nuclear research organization, with advanced technical competencies and unique facilities.  We stand ready to support the diverse needs of Canada’s nuclear, hydrogen and clean energy, and health science sectors.  Don’t hesitate to contact one of our client managers to talk about the range of services CNL can provide.