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Nuclear Power Demonstration Closure Project

Nuclear Power Demonstration Closure Project

The responsible solution to decommission Canada’s first power reactor

We are proposing to complete the closure of the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) facility, ensuring the long-term safety of humans and the environment. The proposed approach is to demolish the above grade structure and place the debris into open areas in the below grade structure, then to fill the entire facility with grout to convert it into a permanent disposal facility. This technique is known as in-situ disposal as the waste remains in place, avoiding handling, shipping, and building another storage facility elsewhere. In situ disposal completes the decommissioning and contains and isolates the remaining empty systems and components below grade in bedrock.  It is a safe technique and ensures people and the environment remain protected.

Currently, this project is in the middle of a federal environmental assessment.

A proud legacy

The Nuclear Power Demonstration, better known as NPD, was the first Canadian nuclear power reactor and the prototype for the CANDU® reactor design.  NPD made history in 1962 when it generated electricity from nuclear power for the first time in Canada.  It was a small single unit 20 MWe pressurized heavy water reactor located in Rolphton, Ontario.  The NPD reactor was the prototype and proving ground for research and development that led to commercial application of the CANDU® system for generating electric power.

For 25 years NPD produced sustainable, clean energy, and operated as a training centre for nuclear operators and engineers from Canada and around the world. Operations at NPD ended in 1987, after which the first stages of decommissioning were completed, including the removal of all nuclear fuel from the site and the draining of the systems.  The site has been in a safe shutdown state over the last 30 years.

Latest News

NPD Closure Project Timeline

What we’ve heard from our stakeholders

Over the last few years, we’ve learned from the public and Indigenous communities. At meetings, public information sessions and community events, on the telephone and by email, we’ve heard a variety of perspectives on the closure of the first power reactor in Canada.

Knowing what aspects of the environment that are valued by the public and Indigenous Peoples has helped us identify what to take into account when planning the project and ensures appropriate mitigations are in place to protect our environment.

The public and Indigenous Peoples also had the opportunity to submit formal comments on the 2017 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the NPD Closure Project to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). These comments are posted to the web page for the NPD Closure Project’s Environmental Assessment (reference number: 80121).

Based on feedback from stakeholders and Indigenous communities, including previous engagements and these submitted comments, eight main themes have been identified and incorporated into our plans for the project:

NPD Infographics & Posterboards

NPD Infographics & Posterboards

Download the package of posterboards, advertisements and infographics regarding the NPD Closure Project.

Chimney Swift Population at NPD


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