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Douglas Point Prototype Reactor

Douglas Point Prototype Reactor

The Douglas Point Nuclear Generating Station was Canada’s first full-scale nuclear power plant. It was a joint project between Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), as owner, and Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation), as operator.

The 200 megawatt CANDU® reactor ran from 1967 until 1984 when it was permanently shut down having achieved its objectives. As a prototype nuclear reactor, Douglas Point demonstrated that a CANDU® nuclear plant could be scaled up for commercial power generation, a legacy that helped Ontario get where we are today with roughly half our energy coming from clean, reliable, low-cost nuclear power.

By 1986, the fuel had been removed and reactor coolant drained in accordance with regulatory requirements. The fuel was transferred to dry storage by the end of 1987. From the late 1980’s until 2021, the facility was in a safe shutdown state, referred to as the “storage with surveillance” phase of decommissioning, which allowed for significant radioactive decay.

With the approval of the CNSC, CNL has now entered the dismantling phase of decommissioning of the facility.  Activities during this phase include the dismantling, and removal of buildings and remediation of the land.  This phase reduces  and minimizes the risks to the health, safety and security of people and the environment.

Final decommissioning will eventually lead to the removal of the entire facility by 2070 at the latest.

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