2020 March 18 update: CNL continues to monitor the local and international status of COVID-19 daily; the safety and well-being of our employees and contractors remains our number one priority.

Given the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic and the warnings, travel restrictions and advisories issued by the federal and provincial governments and public health agencies where CNL’s sites are located, CNL is making preparations to move to minimum essential services at its facilities as part of its business continuity measures. This will apply until April 6, 2020. This means CNL will continue to perform only the work necessary to keep our sites safe and compliant with applicable law and regulations as well as some specific mission critical tasks. This approach, however, does not impact work being carried out off site, at your own facilities or where work can be remotely and safely carried out.

Where these changes may impact our suppliers or contractors, CNL will be directly communicating with those organizations.

In summary CNL Sites remain open but in a reduced operating state to ensure continuity of essential services. 
For contractors who remain in support of essential CNL sites, the following shall apply:

Contractors and Contractor’s personnel must confirm with their companies that they are required to work at CNL sites.  Contractors personnel also need to be in constant contact with their companies and CNL Contract Representatives given the rapidly changing environment.

Consistent with the direction provided on Friday March 13, by the Government of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada (International Travel Advisory COVID-19), “if you return to Canada from International travel on or after 2020 March 13 you are advised to self-quarantine/isolate for 14 days after your return to Canada. CNL is following this advisory”, therefore any CNL Contractor who has travelled internationally and wishes to attend CNL sites are asked to please:
- Contact the CNL Health Centre before attending any CNL site. 
- Contact their Contract Representative prior to attending site and obtain the relevant direction from CNL

CNL Health Centre COVID-19 Pandemic Contacts

A communication will be issued by CNL to all affected Contractors. Any Contractor who does not receive a communication, or is uncertain as to whether they shall continue to provide services and or any arrangement for working at CNL sites, is encourage to contact their CNL Contracts Representative for clarity or email enquiry to cnl.ca.