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Community Information Bulletins/Non-compliance in sewage effluent
March 27, 2024

Non-compliance in sewage effluent

The following information bulletin is in accordance with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) ongoing commitment to voluntary public disclosure of events related to the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL).

Chalk River, ON – March 26, 2024 – Recent results of routine sampling conducted on effluent (treated discharge) from the conventional Sanitary Sewage Treatment Facility (SSTF) at Chalk River Laboratories were non-compliant with requirements. Testing indicates that the activated sludge (micro-fauna) that are part of the treatment process have been disrupted, resulting in the non-compliant test result.

On discovery, CNL notified all relevant regulatory agencies and initiated an investigation to identify the cause of the disruption. A corrective action plan is underway to rectify the issue, including securing support from external agencies.

CNL remains committed to the protection of the environment and is working diligently to bring the effluent back into compliance with provincial standards.


CNL Contact:

Philip Kompass
Director, Corporate Communications