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Stories and Announcements/Vaccination and Testing
November 05, 2021

Vaccination and Testing

In accordance with the approval by Health Canada, the recommendations of the federal and provincial governments, the Public Health Agency of Canada, regional public health authorities and the Canadian Medical Association, CNL strongly encourages all individuals to voluntarily receive a full COVID-19 vaccination. Those personnel with questions regarding the benefits, risks and precautions for vaccines are encouraged to speak with their healthcare professional.

Effective 01 December 2021, Contractors working on CNL’s sites have the responsibility to meet the equivalent of CNL’s vaccination or testing policy requirements:

  • Contingent Workers, Contractors, and Visitors accessing CNL sites must provide proof of full vaccination; or
  • if unvaccinated, a negative rapid antigen or PCR COVID test result (sample taken within the last 72 hrs prior to arrival at site) twice a week.

Non-compliance to these requirements will be handled on a case by case bases with the CNL Contract Representative, Contracting Officer/Administrator and Contractor Management.

Please note on the Douglas Point site CNL staff, contractors and visitors are subject to the Bruce Power Vaccination Policy. 

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]