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Stories and Announcements/CNL’s COVID -19 Contractor Requirements update
March 30, 2023

CNL’s COVID -19 Contractor Requirements update

To Our Contract Partners,

The challenges associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic have seen CNL implement significant directives to minimize risk to our workforce and our business. The efforts made by the whole organisation have undoubtedly minimised the impact of the Pandemic and everyone should be congratulated for the integral part they played. Since spring of 2022, CNL has been progressively removing COVID-19 mitigation controls, in-line with best practice and reflecting the reducing risks of the virus. We are pleased to announce that as of 2023 March 31, CNL will be formally ceasing all remaining COVID-19-related controls for contractors authorized under the COVID-19 Executive Management Directive.

Due to the low risk reported by public health agencies and our third-party epidemiologist, as well as the removal of public health restrictions, controls to be ceased at CNL include, but are not limited to, daily entrance screening (myCority), enhanced cleaning protocols, on-site rapid testing, and the Supervisor’s Instructions for the Management of COVID-19 Symptomatic Contractor, All CNL sites will move from Phase 4 to Phase 5 of the Pandemic Recovery Plan and normal site operations will resume.

Other initiatives being ceased include third-party epidemiology reports, CRL waste water and solids COVID testing, and collection / dissemination of all sites’ COVID statistics. Early in the new fiscal year, the Pandemic Planning Committee will meet to capture key lessons learned and build strategies to prepare CNL should we be faced with this type of situation again in the future.

We kindly ask that contractors continue to use their judgement and not report to site when displaying symptoms of potentially transmissible sickness. Disinfectant wipes, masks and hand sanitization stations will remain in place for now, to be utilized on a voluntary as-needed basis. We expect everyone to exercise respect and compassion towards any and all who may choose to continue masking, as per CNL’s Code of Conduct.

Resources for consideration (Health Directives, self-screenings tools, etc.):