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Community Information Bulletins/Update: Work Stand-down, Whiteshell Laboratories
May 09, 2023

Update: Work Stand-down, Whiteshell Laboratories

The following information bulletin is in accordance with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) ongoing commitment to voluntary public disclosure of events related to the Whiteshell Laboratories site. 

Whiteshell, May 09, 2023 – As described in the Community Bulletin issued on April 28, 2023, non-essential work at the Whiteshell Laboratories site remains paused. At present, only staff required to maintain safety and security are working at the site, conducting activities that include monitoring to ensure environmental protection and radiation protection. Staff who are able to work remotely are doing so.

While work is paused, CNL continues its review of Fire Protection staff training qualifications.  To maintain fire protection and support the review, additional fire response staff from the Chalk River Laboratories have been deployed to the Whiteshell site.  CNL is also taking this time to review its other Safety and Control Areas, to ensure ongoing compliance. The decision to resume regular operations will be made once those activities have been completed and any necessary corrective actions have been put in place.

CNL has been providing regular updates on its activities at the Whiteshell site to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

There is no risk to the public, workers, or the environment.




Whiteshell, April 28, 2023 –As part of a self-assessment of its fire response capabilities, CNL has identified gaps in Whiteshell’s fire response staff training qualifications. CNL has taken immediate measures to ensure ongoing safe occupancy of the site and to ensure fire protection. These measures include pausing all work at the WL site, except activities required to maintain the site in a safe state, and the conduct of a thorough review of Fire Protection staff training qualifications.

The decision to resume regular operations will be made pending completion of the review and the implementation of necessary corrective actions.

CNL notified the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission of the event. CNL will continue to work closely with CNSC staff to ensure its actions result in full and ongoing compliance.

There is no risk to workers, the public, or the environment.



Patrick Quinn
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
CNL, 1-866-886-2325