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November 07, 2018

CNL hosts SMR vendors & Canadian nuclear supply chain at fourth Roundtable

Canada’s national nuclear laboratory facilitates collaborative discussions between nuclear vendors and Canadian suppliers during fourth SMR vendor roundtable 

Chalk River, ON – November 07, 2018 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, is pleased to announce that it facilitated discussions between small modular reactor (SMR) vendors and representatives from the Canadian nuclear supply chain during its fourth SMR Vendor Roundtable today, held on the margins of the Generation IV and Small Reactor Conference (G4SR) in Ottawa, Canada. Co-hosted with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI), the event was the fourth in a series of meetings that brings together world leaders in nuclear science and technology to discuss the advancement of next-generation clean energy technology.

Preceded by an OCNI-hosted vendor-supplier matchmaking event designed to pair reactor developers with Canadian suppliers, the roundtable enabled these organizations to meet to discuss requirements, capabilities and areas of potential co-operation in the deployment of SMRs within Canada. In particular, discussions focused on the advantages of Canada’s supply chain for supporting the deployment of reactor fleets, and the latest technical advances in construction and manufacturing.

“As a safe, reliable and low-carbon source of energy, SMRs have a number of unique features that could make them a unifying technology here in Canada,” commented Mark Lesinski, CNL President and CEO. “In particular, SMRs are ideal for remote locations, such as mine sites, the oil sands or willing communities, which typically rely on diesel-fuelled generators for electricity. They can also be deployed alongside renewables, including wind and solar, offering reliable baseload power to these otherwise intermittent forms of energy. Fortunately, Canada has a very mature nuclear supply chain with a vibrant pool of skilled, innovative companies, which gives the country a distinct advantage in the deployment of this new nuclear technology.”

CNL continues to build its expertise and infrastructure to support the development of SMR technologies. The proposed flexibility of these new designs enables a wide range of applications beyond electricity generation, including pairing SMRs with intermittent renewable sources such as solar or wind energy to ensure grid reliability. Energy from an SMR could also be used for the production of hydrogen, district heating, desalination, or in industrial processes that require heat and electricity. Based on responses to CNL’s Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI), which sought feedback from the domestic and international community on its SMR Program, there is a strong consensus that the establishment of an SMR industry in Canada would also lead to significant economic benefits to the country, particularly within the Canadian nuclear supply chain.

“CNL is positioned to be a world leader in this emerging technology, and that could offer tremendous benefits to Canadian suppliers,” explained Dr. Corey McDaniel, CNL’s Vice-President of Business Development. “Canada has an opportunity to develop a global industry through the pursuit of this technology, which results in more Canadian jobs, more tax revenue, more foreign investment, and more innovation. Facilitating discussions between SMR vendors and Canadian suppliers is an important step as we continue to realize progress towards deployment.”

Momentum in SMRs and advanced reactor technologies is building in Canada. Co-hosted by CNL and the Canadian Nuclear Society, the G4SR conference also served as the venue for Government of Canada to launch Canada’s SMR Roadmap Project report. Convened in 2017, the roadmap represents the culmination of a ten-month program of engagement with the nuclear industry, as well as potential willing end-users that includes Northern and Indigenous communities and  resource industry stakeholders, exploring a national path forward for these new nuclear technologies.

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