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Stories and Announcements/Disruption to Global Supply Chains – COVID 19 – Managing Risks
December 10, 2021

Disruption to Global Supply Chains – COVID 19 – Managing Risks

2021 December 03

Manufacturing industries and businesses are experiencing unprecedented supply chain challenges, impacted by worker shortages, cost escalations, extended schedules, quality issues, and logistics/shipping issues, which are causing significant delays and uncertainty in manufacturing and delivery to receiving businesses and consumers.

Disruption to Global Supply Chains presents eminent risk to CNL Projects and capability to successful and timely completion. As a result, CNL is actively assessing the situation to identify related risks and impacts to the corporation and projects’ performance.  This exercise comprise on an introvert view and an extravert reach to our trusted Supply Chain community to engage in meaningful discussions and collaboratively work with us on viable plans as true partners to mitigate the risks.

Because risks are versatile and different from Project to Project and Supplier to Supplier, there is a need for open discussions in order to mitigate them and effectively plan for success.

This proactive move will help CNL to foresee the projects that may be at risk, along with our suppliers, determine impacts to their performance, and, together, consider options to mitigate these associated risks, which will ultimately support CNL in making informed decisions to enable success.

CNL’s representatives will be reaching out over the next few days, to our Suppliers’ community to initiate these dialogues; therefore, we are asking you, to start preparing for this exercise by identifying your own risks and capabilities on current and active projects, as well as impacts on forecasted work in the short, medium, and long term implications.

In conclusion, CNL is calling on its suppliers/partners to rise to the expectation and work with us to navigate this rough period of uncertainty to achieve Win/Win goals and accomplishments.


Khalil Ibrahim
Manager, Supply Chain