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Stories and Announcements/CNL’s ESG Journey with Sedex Continues…
December 15, 2023

CNL’s ESG Journey with Sedex Continues…

In the six months since the first suppliers were invited to link with CNL in Sedex the benefits and importance of understanding our supply chains at a more granular level has only increased in importance.  Legislation in this area is becoming more prevalent, with the latest example being CNL’s requirements to report on the risks for compliance with Canada’s Modern Slavery Act.

In the New Year, CNL’s push to link with suppliers will continue to ramp up.  Supplier members use Sedex  to store, analyze, share, and report on sustainability practices with the world’s largest data platform for supply chain assessment. The benefits of joining Sedex go well beyond meeting a CNL requirement, they include:

  • Improve Performance by completing Self-Assessment Questionnaire and identify priority areas for improvement
  • Build Internal Expertise: Access multiple training resources to help upskill your team on social and environmental issues
  • Attract New Customers by being listed in the Sedex members directory

CNL takes its responsibility as a leader in ESG seriously and we see joining Sedex as a crucial step for us and our Supply Chain in that journey.

For more information visit and/or contact Holly Goodings, Supply Chain Specialist [email protected]