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Community Information Bulletins/Employee receives minor shock conducting work at Whiteshell Laboratories
June 10, 2022

Employee receives minor shock conducting work at Whiteshell Laboratories

The following information bulletin is in accordance with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) ongoing commitment to voluntary public disclosure of events related to the Whiteshell Laboratories site.

Pinawa, MB – 2022 June 10 – On May 27, 2022, a CNL employee received a minor shock while tightening flange bolts on a pump in the water pump house. Immediately following this event, the employee was assessed by CNL’s first responders, who determined that the worker was not injured.

CNL immediately suspended further work on the pump and began an investigation into the cause of the event. Additional precautions have been implemented site-wide until the investigation concludes.

CNL notified the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission of the event.

CNL confirms there is no threat to the public, the environment or nuclear safety related to this event.



Patrick Quinn
Director, Corporate Communications
CNL, 1-866-886-2325