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Community Information Bulletins/CNL President & CEO issues statement on workforce adjustments
July 09, 2019

CNL President & CEO issues statement on workforce adjustments

Chalk River, ON – July 09, 2019 – Mark Lesinski, President and CEO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), issued the following statement today concerning workforce adjustments at the company’s Chalk River Laboratories campus:

“Over the past several years, CNL has been working to revitalize the Chalk River Laboratories site and modernize our operations to ensure that we maintain our position as a world-class nuclear science and technology organization. In carrying out this work, CNL has a clear responsibility to operate in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

With these objectives in mind, CNL recently conducted a review of its internal operations, and has recognized the need to make changes to its business practices. While we’ve already implemented a number of measures that have reduced costs, including adjustments to the way we manage travel, training and unfilled vacancies, further changes are still required. In order to remain competitive and operate in a financially sustainable manner, CNL must also consolidate skills and human resources to deliver its work more efficiently.

As a result of this review, earlier today, I personally notified the CNL workforce that the company will implement staffing adjustments which will primarily affect roles in the delivery support functions at the Chalk River Laboratories. As part of these changes, approximately 90 full-time employees at CNL will receive layoff notifications, and approximately 60 term (fixed-duration) employees will not be extended.

This decision was not easy, and the entire executive team at CNL recognizes just how difficult this will be for everyone who is affected by this announcement. I want to assure you that these reductions were made with the utmost care and consideration for everyone involved, and that we value the hard work of all of our employees, past and present. As these workforce adjustments are implemented, we will help our employees through this challenging period, including the delivery of personal counselling, career coaching and other support services. Furthermore, the changes that will be undertaken will at no time negatively affect safety, compliance or security and we confirm that all regulatory requirements will continue to be met or exceeded.

Once complete, the restructuring of our support services and other operational improvements will allow us to put more resources towards our core activities, including the provision of nuclear products and services on a commercial basis, and the delivery of environmental remediation activities to address Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s nuclear legacy liabilities. Combined with the revitalization of the Chalk River Laboratories campus, these changes will position CNL as a high-performing national nuclear laboratory that is fully prepared to compete on the world stage.