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Engagement with local communities

Engagement with local communities

CNL is committed open and transparent communications regarding its activities at the Gentilly-1 Waste Management Facility. CNL recognizes that building strong working relationships with local residents, and Indigenous Nations, communities and organizations through meaningful opportunities for engagement is a key element of a successful decommissioning project.

CNL will be hosting virtual and in-person public information sessions and webinars throughout the licensing and decommissioning processes. Printed information will also be distributed to local communities, businesses and residents, and information will be available at You can also contact us in English or French at [email protected]

CNL is committed to providing opportunities for meaningful engagement on the Gentilly-1 Decommissioning Project with Indigenous nations, communities and organizations that are rights holders or have expressed an interest in the project.

For more information on our communications and engagement efforts please see our Public Information Program.