Canada’s national nuclear laboratory to have major presence at premier international waste management conference, where Canada will be celebrated as Feature Country

Chalk River, February 28, 2019 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, is pleased to announce that it will send a delegation of CNL executives, researchers and technical experts to the 45th Waste Management Symposium (WM2019), the world’s premiere waste management conference, which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, from March 3 – 9, 2019. With Canada being named the Feature Country at the annual conference, CNL is planning to have a major presence at the event, with a spotlight on the many successes, contributions and technological advances the company has made to the safe and responsible management of radioactive waste, decommissioning and environmental remediation in Canada.

In addition to participating in the Canadian pavilion alongside other leading Canadian companies and organizations, CNL will lead a number of panel sessions discussing its experience in decommissioning and waste management, and present over 20 papers at the conference covering a number of different topics. Overall, participation in the major industry event represents a great opportunity for CNL to promote its capabilities and services, and to explore and pursue new commercial opportunities for its growing business. CNL holds considerable depth of experience and scientific expertise which can be applied to help solve the environmental remediation challenges that others in the global nuclear industry are facing.

“Whether it’s environmental remediation of contaminated sites, the management and disposal of radioactive waste or public engagement and worker safety, CNL is a leader in all aspects of the delivery of major decommissioning and waste management projects,” commented Mark Lesinski, CNL President and CEO. “Our expertise in tritium management and removal, our work in dosimetry and research into low dose radiation, and our growing capabilities in support of fuel storage and inspection will be of keen interest to this audience. We have a good story to tell, and we’re excited to share the results of our work.”

Presented by WM Symposia, the annual conference attracts thousands of participants from around the world to what is widely regarded as the premier international conference for the management of radioactive material and related topics. The event covers all areas of interest to waste management professionals, including radioactive waste management and disposal, decommissioning, packaging and transportation, facility siting and site remediation, and many others. With over 2,000 industry specialists from more than 35 countries expected to attend, the event also offers attendees the opportunity to network with representatives from the world’s leading companies, learn about the latest technology developments and industry trends, and discover new products and services at the exhibit hall.

“The symposium serves as an important forum to discuss safe and cost effective solutions for managing radioactive waste and decommissioning nuclear facilities,” adds Kristan Schruder, member of Canada’s Steering Committee for the conference, and General Manager of CNL’s project to safely decommission the shutdown NPD reactor. “With Canada as the Featured Country this year, we have an opportunity to showcase the many unique projects we have underway at CNL on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), as well as the scientific expertise and depth of experience we can offer the world.”

CNL representatives will be featured in five of the Canadian panels, which will discuss topics that include the management and disposal of high and low-level waste, the remediation of contaminated sites, engaging the public and indigenous groups on Canadian waste management and decommissioning projects, Whiteshell Laboratories decommissioning successes and challenges, and safety engagement in the work force.

CNL is currently managing AECL’s nuclear legacy liabilities, which includes decommissioning, waste management and environmental remediation activities. Among other responsibilities, CNL manages nuclear liabilities at the Chalk River Laboratories nuclear site in Ontario and the Whiteshell Laboratories in Pinawa, Manitoba, and is leading the cleanup of historic waste in Port Hope and Port Granby, Ontario, through the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI). The work also includes the planning and execution of a number of major environmental remediation projects, including the Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) project, the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Closure Project, and the WR-1 Closure Project, all of which are going through a public environmental review process.

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