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March 13, 2023

CNL Science Week Camps return for 2023

While our university relationships have been getting all the attention lately, we haven’t forgotten just how important it is for CNL to inspire the next, younger generation of Canadian scientists as well! We are pleased to once again offer a two separate week long summer science camp at the Chalk River campus. The “CNL Science Week” will provide children ages 9 – 12 an opportunity to explore a range of scientific disciplines with the support of some of Canada’s leading researchers.

Through a partnership with the Town of Petawawa and the Town of Deep River, each camp will host up to 20 students who will spend the day at the CRL campus with an opportunity to get in the field or the laboratories for hands-on learning experiences.

Feedback from the kids, the parents, CNL staff and the community last year was really positive. This camp is a way for the community to connect with CNL, learn more about the many things we do, and introduce 40 young minds to science and engineering topics in an exciting and interactive way.  Staff from across the company work to provide fun and engaging activities and their efforts are truly appreciated!

The camp programming is enriched by activities underway at the site given the breadth of work delivered at CRL. This could include water and environmental sampling, biodiversity studies, health sciences, radiation and health physics, engineering, robotics, chemistry, or computing.  The specific curriculum is still under development, but each day would showcase a new discipline or area of study.  Each morning will open with a session supported by Let’s Talk Science.

CNL’s Science Week will be offered twice during the summer of 2023.  For more information or to register, please contact the Town of Petawawa (July 10-14) or the Town of Deep River (July 24 – 28) directly. Registration opens on March 20. Don’t delay.

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