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April 25, 2017

CNL releases exciting vision for the Chalk River Laboratories

Today, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is announcing its Long_Term_Strategy  and vision for the future of Canada’s premier nuclear laboratory. This is an exciting step for CNL, and one which many across Canada’s scientific and nuclear community have been waiting for. This strategy outlines a vision for CNL over the next ten years, which positions the organization as a global leader in nuclear science and technology; an organization that is commercially successful, respected for its scientific capabilities, and home to world-leading expertise based out of a modern, efficient and collaborative campus environment.

“From my first day at CNL, I have faced questions – important and valid questions – about the direction the company is headed, about what our science programs will look like, about how the site will evolve, about our waste and environmental projects, and yes, about what our workforce will look like,” explains Mark Lesinski, President and CEO. “We now have those answers.”

This strategy wasn’t developed in isolation. It reflects input from global leaders in nuclear science, from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, from current customers and others in the nuclear supply chain, from our local communities and stakeholders, and from our own staff. The Long Term Strategy identifies those areas where CNL is uniquely equipped, and applies these strengths against what the world needs in nuclear, building on our legacy as a global leader in nuclear science.

The strategy is a forward-looking document, and includes many projects that are subject to rigorous licencing and regulatory processes.

“These documents are, and will remain, a work in progress. This is “Rev 0” and the strategy will evolve as our needs evolve; they will change as our customers’ needs change; they will develop as our capabilities develop, but this is an important first step on our journey towards a new vision for CNL and the Chalk River campus.”

Highlights include:

An investment of more than $1.2 billion over ten years in the facilities and infrastructure of the Chalk River Laboratories. This investment enables:

  • the construction the Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre, a complex which will include new shielded facilities, and many advanced active laboratories for research involving active or irradiated materials;
  •  a new electrical switchyard, expanded natural gas service, potable water lines, and sanitary sewer system, all of which improve the safety and reliability of the current systems; and,
  • construction of modern, energy efficient facilities to accommodate maintenance and operations activities, logistics and security, and a new business centre.

An exciting program in science and technology which includes ambitious goals such as:

  • the siting of a new, small modular reactor on the CRL site before 2030;
  • development and demonstration of a suite of targeted alpha therapy compounds (an emerging medical isotope technology) by 2022;
  • expansion of our program in hydrogen, with a goal to play a leading role in the demonstration of hydrogen-based bulk transport by 2020;
  • demonstration of a new advanced fuel fabrication concept by 2020; and
  • the development, commercialization and deployment of a nuclear industrial control cyber intrusion detection and mitigation system by 2022.

Details on the work to address legacy waste and nuclear liabilities, while preparing the campus for a period of significant revitalization.

CNL’s Long_Term_Strategy (19 MB) and Executive_Summary (11 mb) are available for download, and we encourage you to learn more about our plans and vision for the coming years.

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