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October 04, 2018

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories hosts 3rd small modular reactor Vendor Roundtable

Largest ever gathering of SMR technology providers discuss pathway to deployment in Canada

Chalk River, ON – October 4, 2018 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, hosted the largest ever gathering of the global small modular reactor (SMR) community during CNL’s third SMR Vendor Roundtable, held on the margins of the 2018 Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in San Francisco, California.  CNL’s roundtable featured representation from the full breadth of the SMR and advanced reactor industry, including 26 SMR technology vendors from six countries, as well as more than 75 officials from government, regulatory agencies, national laboratories, investors, utilities, and the nuclear supply chain.

Momentum and interest in SMR and advanced reactor technologies within Canada continues to build.  A key topic of discussion at this recent roundtable was the development of an SMR Roadmap for Canada, an industry-led initiative launched by Natural Resources Canada In partnership with interested provinces, territories and power utilities. Conversations around the table focused on Canada’s advantages in relation to SMR deployment including favourable market conditions in remote communities, the potential applications for mining and industry, a globally-respected nuclear regulator, a robust supply chain, and government policies that support innovation and clean energy.

“Canada has a very proud legacy in the development, deployment and operation of innovative small reactor technologies,” explained Mark Lesinski, President and CEO with CNL. “Building on this depth of experience, it is our vision to serve as a global hub for the development and support of the small modular reactor industry and we are actively taking steps to position ourselves, our facilities and our team to achieve this.”

CNL continues to build its expertise and infrastructure to support the development of SMR technologies and has launched initiatives to explore the full range of applications. The proposed flexibility of operations for these new designs enables a wide range of uses beyond electric power, including pairing SMRs with intermittent renewable sources such as solar or wind energy to ensure grid reliability.  Energy from an SMR could be used for the production of hydrogen, district heating, desalination, or in industrial processes that require heat and electricity. CNL’s discussion of demonstrating and licensing these so-called hybrid energy systems in a Clean Energy Research Park was well received by roundtable participants.

“CNL is excited about the potential for integrating SMR deployment with the creation of Canada’s first Clean Energy Research Park,” commented Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, CNL’s Vice-President of Research and Development. “CNL will look at how these technologies work together, so we can develop SMRs and other clean energy applications in tandem with one another in order to fully maximize their potential.”

“Canada’s nuclear supply chain is well-established and well-positioned to support the deployment of new advanced reactor designs from around the world,” commented Dr. Corey McDaniel, CNL’s Vice-President for Business Development. “As we move closer to deployment, it will become increasingly important to make those connections between the developers of SMR technologies and the supply chain needed to bring these designs to life.”

CNL and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) announced plans to co-host the 4th SMR Vendor Roundtable in Ottawa on November 6, 2018. The fourth roundtable will be held prior to the Generation IV and Small Reactor conference ( that is organized by CNL and the Canadian Nuclear Society. The fourth roundtable will provide an opportunity for SMR developers and Canadian nuclear supply chain companies to discuss requirements, capabilities and areas of potential partnerships for deploying SMRs in Canada.

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