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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Safety Excellence Team

Distinguished Merit Award: Safety Excellence Team

Alexandra McClelland, Ali Golbabai, Andre Gervais, Angela Coulas, Barb Schrader, Brad Wasmund, Brendan Barber, Brent Keetch, Chad Charbonneau, Cliff Lutz, Dan Arnold, Derek Campbell, Don Pardy, Don Prymak, Eric Broughton, James Harrington, Jason Costello, Jason DeRuiter, Javin DeVreede, Jeff Collin, Joanna Sullivan, Leslie Fleury, Melanie McFadden, Patricia Verch, Patrick Harrison, Rob Quittenton, Robyn Mercer, Scott Cameron, Sean Gamley, Shane Kuehl, Stephanie Clement, Ted Wieclawek, Tom Reynard and Troy Wilson

For the work as part of the Safety Excellence Team at CNL.

The Safety Excellence (SE) Initiative was introduced in 2021/22 to address the need for improved safety culture at CNL. The vision is based on five tenets (Empowerment, Communication, Engagement, Collaboration, and Accountability), which are aligned with CNL’s core values. A Safety Excellence Strategy and Implementation Plan was developed which includes 15 objectives with 68 actions to be completed over a four-year period. Each objective and action is based on a business need or gap as identified by CNL staff.

Implementation of the strategy is led by the Safety Excellence Team (SET). Members of the SET were carefully chosen from various sites based on their leadership abilities, safety-focused thinking, and other select criteria to act as stewards of safety. Each of the SET members has exemplified true commitment to safety and to CNL by volunteering their time to implement the strategy.

Fiscal year 22-23 marked the first year of implementation. Seventeen year one actions were planned and the SET demonstrated exceptional performance and surpassed expectations by completing 21 actions in FY 2022-23. Seventeen actions were completed on schedule, four future year actions were pulled forward and completed early, and some actions achieved results above and beyond their deliverables. Through the completion of these actions, the SET and CNL are realizing improvements in organizational safety culture.