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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Leased Building Closure Projects

Distinguished Merit Award: Leased Building Closure Projects

Bob Stephenson, Bradley Bennett, Daniella Bouchard, Hilary Avery, Jennifer Breen, Joe Lacroix, Kayla Miller, Kyle Hickey, Megan Diamond, Monique Godin, Randy Cochrane, Scott Tubman, and Tom Reynard

For the leased building closure projects of Morison, Keys, Core Shed / Library, 107 trailer, and 464 trailer. 

A corporate decision was made to surrender the leases of three buildings in Deep River and two trailers on the CRL site and the Integrated Services Team was tasked with executing the activities required to vacate these buildings. All of the leases expired in 2022, representing a lot of effort by many groups in a relatively short period of time while also maintaining regular operational duties.

The result of these projects for CNL is a sustained cost savings in terms of lease and operating costs for these facilities.

Lastly, reducing the footprint in Deep River to consolidate staff on the Chalk River site aligns with the Vision 2030 plan of modernization and revitalization of the CRL campus.