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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: HEPro Chemistry Corrosion Monitoring

Distinguished Merit Award: HEPro Chemistry Corrosion Monitoring

Craig Stuart, Guy Leblond, Jacqueline Parco, Kate Davison, Mark Bernans, Mike Horne, Rob Steele, Stanley Okonji, Stephen Cudmore, and Steven McGee

For the work on the development / deployment of the HEPro Chemistry Corrosion Monitoring Service. 

CNL, supported by partnering organization, the University of New Brunswick – Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (UNB-CNER) and subcontractor, Research & Productivity Council (RPC), has successfully developed and deployed a commercial-grade Hydrogen Effusion Probe (HEPro) to provide a corrosion monitoring service.

Part of CNL’s mission is to leverage all of our capabilities for commercial success in Canadian and international markets. Upon recognizing the immediate value of a near real time corrosion monitoring service to the CANDU® fleet and the potential to service industries beyond CANDU, CNL invested Laboratory Directed Science & Technology funds to engineer and fabricate two commercial grade HEPro cabinets in order to be ready for the anticipated demand. This investment enabled CNL to be prepared to deliver the service for the customer, on short notice, when the request came.