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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Conventional New Builds delivery

Distinguished Merit Award: Conventional New Builds delivery

Al Levoy, Anne-Marie Darowny, Darroch Elliott, Deanna Shields, Derek Campbell, Eben Hamilton, Emma Etmanskie, Gail Adams, Hilary Avery, Jaclyn Cummins, Janice de Hann, Jeff Strack, Kaitlin McMillan, Karey Leach, Kathy Barnett, Kelly Fawcett, Kristen Campbell, Mark Bruce, Mark Lamarche, Matt Weiss, Paul Rabishaw, Phil Colwill, Robyn Mercer, Steve Innes, and Tim Zadow

For the work on the Conventional New Builds (CNB) projects. 

The Conventional New Builds (CNB) Project team has safely and successfully delivered on its commitments to construct three beautiful mass timber buildings for CNL and did so, right through the pandemic.

The three project buildings, the Minwamon Building, the Support Facility, and the Science Collaboration Centre (SCC), provide world-class facilities for CNL’s scientists, researchers, and technical support staff as they advance CNL’s strategic mission and tackle some of the world’s toughest technological challenges. These buildings replace dated buildings which then can be turned over to Facilities Decommissioning for the reduction of the liability. The facilities also help drive the message of “revitalization” of the Chalk River Campus and demonstrate how CNL can work together effectively managing this large portfolio of work.

The ability of the team to continually solve challenges with delivery of these three new buildings, while continuing to maintain stakeholder satisfaction and ensure the final product is something CNL can be proud of, is attributed to a dedicated team that continually goes above and beyond, stepping out of traditional role boundaries to ensure the success of the project. This was brought to the forefront during the pandemic. The team has continually worked to meet any challenge head on, and provide solutions to issues time and time again.