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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Clean up criteria change

Distinguished Merit Award: Clean up criteria change

Bill Daly, Jennifer Turner, Kathy Ackland, Mitch Conan, Paul Northey, Sandra Faught, and Steve Morris

For the work on the arsenic criteria change in the Port Hope Area Initiative Community Report.

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Arsenic – Impacted Legacy Waste Remediation – Community Report (2023/07/25) is the public facing document for the recommendation of a new cleanup standard for arsenic in soil that can be utilized by the PHAI for the remediation of legacy waste.

The change of clean-up criteria for arsenic in the PHAI project would result in more trees and wildlife being protected within the project area while simultaneously protecting the soil health of the project area due to less soil being taken to storage and less trees being taken down. This clean-up criteria change involved developing a Port Hope-specific arsenic clean-up value using federal guidance while ensuring that a human health and ecological risk assessment were carried out.