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CNL Awards of Excellence/D.F. Togerson Award: Biaxial Burst Testing

D.F. Togerson Award: Biaxial Burst Testing

Alex Reavie, Chris Straubel, Dan McDonald, David Dean, David Poff, Eric Sansoucy, Jeffrey DeJong, Joey Zhou, Kurt Stoll, Michael Gharghouri, Noel Harrison, Paul Joynes, Robert Standring, Sherry Laroche, Toban Verdun, Tyler Campbell, Tyler Miles, and Zia Haque

For the work on the biaxial stress relaxation and burst testing of irradiated light water reactor (LWR) fuel cladding. 

This team displayed exceptional dedication, innovation, and problem-solving skills, in a tight schedule, during the development of a unique biaxial burst apparatus (BBA) for mechanical testing light water reactor (LWR) irradiated fuel cladding under a commercial contract. This unique apparatus used state-of-the-art technologies that, when combined, enabled measurement and control of the strain / strain rate of an irradiated fuel cladding sample at specified temperatures.

Exceptional problem-solving skills and teamwork were demonstrated as the newly developed pieces of equipment were used for the first time to produce unique results for the commercial client. Technical challenges had to be overcome with the demonstration of CNL’s ability to perform biaxial burst and stress relaxation tests on irradiated fuel cladding. This technology supports future growth of CNL’s business in the LWR area.