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Stories and Announcements/CRL Industry Day – June 2
May 09, 2022

CRL Industry Day – June 2

On Thursday, June 2, CNL, in collaboration with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) and local economic development groups, will be hosting an Industry Day at the Chalk River Laboratories.

These events are focused on promoting the broader engagement between CNL’s nuclear industry partners and our local supply chain. By having everyone together for this event, it allows the opportunity for all vendors to interact with each other and promote their capabilities and expertise. Through this event and other activities, CNL works to ensure that our industry engagements are diversified across a portfolio of small, medium, large, and minority businesses.

A key aspect of this suppliers day is CNL’s approach to our relationship with Indigenous communities and their supply chains. CNL will introduce new measures to meaningfully drive economic reconcilliation with indigenous communities and benefit from their participation.

The Suppliers Day’s include a trade show, luncheon, networking, and a full schedule of presentations and updates on CNL’s future plans and opportunities for the supply chain.

To further strengthen these connections, CNL has made available a select number of booths at no charge for local businesses from Renfrew County, MRC Pontiac and local indigenous communities.

For more information, contact [email protected].
To register at no cost visit

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is the leading and trusted voice of the Canadian nuclear supply chain, actively promoting the production of safe, clean and reliable nuclear electricity. Founded in 1979, OCNI is an association of more than 200 leading Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and abroad.