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Stories and Announcements/Chalk River Laboratories: New Visitor Badging
November 20, 2020

Chalk River Laboratories: New Visitor Badging

CNL has implemented a new badging process, including new personalized single-use identification cards for visitors and new contractors to the Chalk River Laboratories campus. This security badging process will take place in our new building – Building 1565, visible at the entrance to the site property. Please watch for directional signage as you approach Plant Road.

The new visitor identification cards will display the visitor’s photo, their sponsor’s name and the date and purpose of the visit. The cards will also feature a barcode for use in select whole body monitors across site. These new visitor cards “self-expire” after 24 hours. This security measure provides a visual indicator that a visitor card is no longer valid – the image on the card slowly fades away and is replaced with a striped pattern. As such, visitors are required to stop at Building 1565 every day to register with Security and receive a new card. Used cards can be discarded once they expire.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we adjust to this new system.

Security Program