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Facilities/Mechanical Testing Laboratories
September 30, 2020

Mechanical Testing Laboratories

CNL’s Mechanical Testing Laboratories (MTL) are located in three separate areas at the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL). MTL machines measure the engineering properties of metals including fracture toughness, tensile strength, fatigue, and compression strength.

CNL’s MTL with load frames of 250 kN, 100 kN, and 25 kN are generally limited to non-radionuclide contaminated items, but two can be used to test radionuclide contaminated specimens. Lastly, there are two 100 kN load frames set up inside a hot cell that are suitable for testing of highly radioactive specimens.

MTL has been testing samples for more than 30 years. The MTL is experienced in working with many types of metals with a particular focus on zirconium alloys. It also has the capability to design and fabricate specialized specimen geometries with corresponding specimen jigs and fixtures when material availability or material product size is limited. The MTL staff have experience in designing specific loading sequences with custom tailored response measurements.

The staff in the MTL are members of the Materials and Mechanics Branch at CNL’s CRL. All MTL staff have extensive experience in mechanical property testing supplemented with training provided by the equipment manufacturer.

CNL offers numerous complementary expertise to further any proposed partnership, including radiation protection, analytical chemistry and surface science. CNL is also interested in working with groups looking to exploit the unique combination of skills available for the development of new technologies.