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Facilities/Laser Dimensioning
September 30, 2020

Laser Dimensioning

Located at the Chalk River Laboratories, CNL’s Laser Dimensioning (LD) capability enables the development of predictive equations for the maintenance and design of CANDU® reactor fuel channel components. The purpose of CNL’s LD capability is to perform high-precision (i.e., micron level) dimensional measurements on un-irradiated and irradiated small-scale material specimens. The facility supports deformation and creep studies on various reactor materials, such as zirconium and inconel alloys. AECL’s LD capability utilizes three laser-based profiling systems of the Beta-Laser Mike (formerly Zygo) brand.

There are several complementary facilities and branches at CRL which work in conjunction with CNL’s LD capability. These include:

  • The Laser Welding Facility
  • The irradiation facilities within the NRU reactor, including the U1 and U2 loops, and Fast Neutron rods
  • The Shielded Facilities
  • The Analytical Chemistry Branch
  • The Electron Microscopy Facilities (SEM, TEM, and X-ray)

Since 1988, CNL has utilized its LD capability in irradiation experiments designed to support current and future CANDU reactor designs by testing fuel channel materials over a wide range of conditions ranging from 0 to 250 MPa applied stress, 25°C to 360°C testing end-of-tube (~1e16 n/m2/sec) and body-of-tube (~2e17 n/m2/sec) fast-neutron fluxes.