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Community Information Bulletins/Health Physics Neutron Generator Facility
September 30, 2020

Health Physics Neutron Generator Facility

CNL’s Health Physics Neutron Generator Facility (HPNGF) is equipped with two neutron generators which distribute controlled monoenergetic neutron beams over a wide range of neutron energies. This facility is used in instrument/dosimeter development, instrument/dosimeter calibration and evaluation, type-testing of new instruments, irradiation-physics studies and irradiation of biological samples.

The Model 150-1H Neutron Generator produces neutrons with nominal energies of 14 or 2.7 MeV, either by the D-T or D-D reactions, respectively. The designed maximum outputs are approximately 5 x 1010 n/s at 14 MeV and 5 x 108 n/s at 2.7 MeV.

The ADELPHI DD109 Neutron Generator is currently being installed in the HPNGF and can be operated as continuous or pulsed beams. The designed maximum outputs are approximately 2 x 109 n/s at 2.5 MeV.

In addition to the neutron generators mentioned above, the HPNGF has a variety of traceable sources including Californium-252 and alpha/beryllium sources, which can be used either bare or moderated, as well as, various instruments for neutron metrology and dosimetry, including:

  • The Bonner Sphere Spectrometer – measures neutron energy spectra
  • The Rotating Proton Recoil Spectrometer – measures neutron energy spectra
  • The Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter – measures dose deposition in tissue volumes
  • The Long Counter – measures neutron fluences

In addition to the hands-on operation of the facility, CNL professionals have an extensive knowledge of dosimetry, and are able to leverage existing expertise in this field to enhance any project.

CNL offers numerous complementary facilities to further any proposed partnership, including the Co-60 Gamma Beam Irradiator Facility and the Gamma Beam 150-C Irradiator.