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Events/60th Anniversary Open House at NPD
June 25, 2022

60th Anniversary Open House at NPD

  • Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Location: Nuclear Power Demonstration

    36510 Highway 17, Rolphton, Ontario

Thanks to your tremendous interest, we’ve now closed our registration for our 60th Anniversary Open House at NPD. We can’t wait to see everyone that signed up to mark this historic occasion!

If you missed this one, CNL is hosting an Open House at Chalk River Laboratories on August 6! Sign up at

June 2022 marks six decades since Canada’s first power reactor, the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD), came online. On June 4, 1962, the NPD reactor generated electrical power to the grid for the first time in Canadian history, demonstrating the ability of nuclear energy. Three weeks later, the reactor first reached its full power of 20 megawatt electrical. Sixty years later, the legacy of this little prototype lives on, with more than 60 per cent of Ontario’s energy coming from carbon-free nuclear power on any given day.

To recognize this historic milestone, we are welcoming all to an open house at the NPD site, near Rolphton, Ontario, on Saturday, June 25.

As CNL progresses with the NPD Closure Project, the initiative to decommission the reactor and close the site, the 60th Anniversary Open House at NPD may be one of the last opportunities to see the facility.

With tours of the facility, booths and displays, a picnic area and food vendor, as well as engaging presentations, it’s a unique opportunity to visit the NPD facility and learn about its important contribution to nuclear energy in Canada.

Registration is required. Registration will close on Thursday, June 23.