CRL Environmental Stewardship Council

Established in 2006, the Chalk River Laboratories' Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) meets three times annually. The objective of the ESC is to build working relationships and create opportunities for open dialogue between various stakeholder groups, local communities and CNL. During regularly scheduled meetings ESC members are presented with information about CNL, our environmental practices, and are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the information presented. 

Topics for presentations are predominantly chosen through ESC discussion dependent on interest of ESC members and includes a CNL Business update, Decommissioning & Waste Management update, Environmental Projects & Initiatives update and can include current Research & Development projects underway at Chalk River Laboratories. ESC members are asked to take meeting information back to their respective constituents. These conversations are integral in providing CNL with a wide range of viewpoints and this open dialog and sharing of information is very important for CNL, ensuring that perspectives from our closest neighbours and non‐governmental organizations are heard and considered in how we carry out our missions. 

Meeting notes are taken at each meeting, recording all questions and actions that occurred. 


The Environmental Stewardship Council membership includes municipal officials, community representatives, interest groups, and representatives from AECL, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and CNL.

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