In alignment with actions recommended by the Canadian government and public health authorities, CNL is making preparations to reduce operations at all sites beginning at the close of business tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18 until Monday, April 6.

This is a precautionary measure. We have not been informed of confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 at any CNL site.

‘Reduced operations’, refers to the work necessary to keep our sites and assets safe, compliant with regulations, and deliver mission critical tasks.  This includes work which can be carried out remotely such as working from home when possible.

To ensure a planned and staged approach to this reduction in our operations, preparations are underway in consultation with managers, unions, AECL, and the CNSC to ensure compliance with safety, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

Staff are asked to reach out to their managers to discuss their specific work arrangements. For those able to log in remotely, further information is available to staff through their work email and intranet (myCNL).