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Advanced Fuel & Fuel Cycle Solutions

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Advanced Fuel & Fuel Cycle Solutions

Improving performance, reliability and efficiency

With over 60 years of experience in fuel design, fabrication and qualification, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is uniquely suited to bring novel fuels from concept to a licensed reality. Comprehensive fuel cycle services provide options aimed at global long-term energy sustainability while improving performance and safety. CNL is dedicated to accelerating the development of future reactor designs with innovative nuclear fuel science and technology solutions.

Fuel fabrication services

  • Fuel design for new and conceptual fuels including Thoria,
  • MOX, Gen-IV advanced reactors
  • Fabrication of prototype and experimental fuel
  • Fabrication of ceramic and metallic fuel
  • Fuel alloys joining

Fuel performance & testing services

Fuel performance & testing services

  • In-reactor / outside of reactor testing
  • Fuel irradiation
  • Post-irradiation examination
  • Fuel failure investigation
  • Computational simulations and modelling
  • Fuel assembly concept testing
  • Chemical analysis of irradiated and non-irradiated fuel
  • Manufacturability testing
  • Thermal hydraulics modelling and testing

Fuel cycle management services

Fuel cycle management services

  • Modelling of fuel cycles
  • Reactor physics analyses, evaluations and assessments
  • Optimization of fissile material utilization
  • Simulations, modelling and experimental confirmation
  • Advanced reactor and advanced fuel concepts
  • Non-proliferation analyses
  • Handling and processing of plutonium and problematic spent fuel components

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