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Primary Heat Transport System Project

Quincy Alexander, Romeo Audette, Jim Brennan, Mike Brideau, Mike Cameron, Andre Campbell, Qingwu Cheng, Crystal Cluett, Gabrielle Constantineau, Gilles Danis, Ailsa Eyvindson, Nathan Hartwig, Rodney Herwig, Zahid Khan, John Loftstedt, Nicholas Lubitz, Roman Lungu, Josh McLellan, Tibor Molnar, Charles Poulin, Geoff Quast, Donia Reynard, Jaleh Semmler, Arshad Toor, Michael Wright, Michael Zadow and Joey Zhou for the successful completion of a major commercial project. In 2018, CNL received an urgent request to decontaminate, disassemble and examine an important component from a power reactor for a commercial customer. In a short period of time, CNL received the component, designed, fabricated and commissioned a chemical decontamination skid; arranged for rental of a large crane to handle the heavy components; and, fabricated three temporary ventilated enclosures to conduct the disassembly, decontamination and measurements. As a result of the successful completion of this project, additional opportunities for similar work have come forward.

Determination of Transmuted Helium

Grant Bickel, Jeff DeJong, Stephen Eyvindson, John Leppinen, Ryan MacLeod, Kevin McCaugherty and Youqing Shi for an innovative analytical method for determination of transmuted helium in irradiated nuclear reactor materials by vacuum fusion mass spectrometry (VFMS). The analytical method and equipment were developed to meet the requirements of a major project, and the newly developed technology and repurposing of existing equipment and laboratories was motivated by the principles of improved productivity, efficiencies, effectiveness and cost reduction.

Behaviour of Iodine Project (BIP-3)

Diana Boulianne for her work on an iodine adsorption test rig for a commercial customer. Diana’s contributions to this project spanned over a decade, during which time she performed the majority of the experimental work. Diane has shown a long-lasting commitment to performing high quality work without compromising safety, has coordinated laboratory activities with various internal and external service providers and has shown dedication to training and mentoring junior staff members along the way.

Biological and Health Sciences

Laura Bannister, Michelle Bugden, Dmitry Klokov, Tanner Stein and Yi Wang for their work towards an improved cancer treatment by combining low doses of radiation with immune checkpoint therapy (ICT). This novel type of therapy, despite holding great potential for cancer treatment, still suffers from low success rates. The CNL team was able to demonstrate that low doses of radiation, coupled with ICT, provides improved therapeutic outcomes and results in increased eradication of cancerous tumours. This work represents great progress in the fight against cancer..