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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Target Residue Material Repatriation Team

Distinguished Merit Award: Target Residue Material Repatriation Team

Mark Chapman, Marc Clouthier, Sean Deighton, Richard Dufour, Catherine Lockley, Michael Molson, Louis Neumann, Colin O’Connor, Scott Parker, Natalie Sachar, Tony Scott, and Bill Visneski

For supporting the Target Residue Material (TRM) Repatriation Project.

Between 2010 and 2020, the TRM Repatriation Project collaborated on the permanent and safe disposition of one of the most challenging nuclear liabilities in Canada. Throughout the course of the project, over 28,000 litres of Highly-Enriched Uranyl Nitrate Liquid (HEUNL) was retrieved from the Fissile Solution Storage Tank (FISST), packaged and transported to the Savannah River site in South Carolina. The project included 115 shipments over a four-year period, which resulted in over 240,000 kilometres of safe Type B transportation operations.

The completion of this initiative in 2020 after a decade of work demonstrated CNL’s ability to develop and implement solutions to one of the most challenging nuclear projects on an international stage.

The TRM Repatriation Project safely, effectively and permanently eliminated a complex liquid nuclear liability for the Government of Canada. Repatriation eliminated all future liability management, which reduced the burden on future generations and eliminated all future environmental risks. Planning and delivery of a complex and multi-stakeholder major project improves CNL’s reputation with our client (AECL), the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the international nuclear community.