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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: Digital Workplace Remote Work Team

Distinguished Merit Award: Digital Workplace Remote Work Team

Noelle Caloren, Dan Chapman, Holli Croucher, Shallen Dam, Sarah Epps, Jennifer Gardner, Ryan Gonsalves, Kellie Innes, Gabrielle Kaufmann, Uma Lad, Stephanie Moncion, Kate Quinn, Renee Racine, Nick Resetar, Imran Sajid, Melanie Scheer, Mark Senack, Tom Vaughan, Tammy Warren, and Brad Wasmund 

For the execution of the Digital Workplace Remote Work Program.

The launch of the Remote Work Program marks a key milestone in CNL’s journey towards Vision 2030. Incorporating remote work on a large scale at CNL is a major transformational initiative, as in the past, the company operated almost exclusively as a traditional workplace requiring employees to be on site to perform their duties.

This initiative allows employees to strike a greater work life balance which enhances morale and productivity. It also allows CNL to realize reduced operational costs by reducing real estate overheads due to a reduction in the need for physical office space.

This change has also been critical in ensuring the health and safety of employees during the pandemic, creating a program that is sustainable ensures that CNL is able to manage through other external events could impact CNL’s ability to conduct business if employees are unable to come to an office, strengthening CNL’s business continuity.

The Remote Work Program also provided guidance to employees and managers who would remain on-site workers but who would like to incorporate additional flexibility and remote work into their routine where appropriate. This cultural shift was not only necessary based on employee feedback in July 2019, but was also necessary for CNL to provide an employee value proposition that rivals those of our competitors, clearly demonstrating that CNL is a modern, twenty-first century laboratory and is a destination for top talent.