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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: COVID 19 Team

Distinguished Merit Award: COVID 19 Team

Karen Barry, Sarah Gervais, Karry Giroux, Mary-Anne Harris, Shelley Harris, Monica Hewitt, Tracy Kempthorne, Uma Lad, Cindy Lewis, Tara Matte, Rosetta McGirl, Jessica McQuestion, Lucien Nel, Cheryl Paquette, Katrina Phillips, Eliisa Plouffe, Renee Racine, and Cheryl Smith 

For ongoing work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since early 2020, the CNL Health Centre staff have worked as individuals, as a team and in collaboration with CNL and community partners to establish a safe and supportive work environment for all CNL employees, aligning with each of these values during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Health Centre assists employees in attaining the highest level of physical and emotional health and well-being in their careers at CNL, while optimizing their job performance and decreasing workplace stressors. The evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the Health Centre team to become adaptive and creative in order to continue to provide best-in-class health and wellness provisions, and to meet and exceed program goals and objectives. This resulted in developing COVID-19 screening protocols for essential staff, procure pandemic supplies, and to educate staff on personal protective equipment usage. With each new stage of the pandemic, public health guidelines would shift and the Health Centre team would adapt and ensure awareness and oversight to pandemic and crisis management teams.

The Health Centre team continues to collaborate to support the COVID-19 pandemic response in conjunction with providing injury / illness and program delivery in order to ensure that the employees of CNL can work in a safe and supportive environment.