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CNL Awards of Excellence/Distinguished Merit Award: CANDU Pressure Tube Sample Analysis Team

Distinguished Merit Award: CANDU Pressure Tube Sample Analysis Team

Yvonne Andrews, Dave Arthur, Farina Baig, Kyle Beckett, Jim Blackmore, Jasen Bohemier, Brad Bourgoin, Dennie Bourque, Alan Britton, Dylan Broad, Heather Chaput, Katherine Cleary, Ken Cliché, Olivia Dobrowloski, Chris Dougthwright, Jordan Fraser, Jennifer Frotten, Shane Gillis, Mike Godin, Audrey Hagberg, Jason Hamel, Ziaul Haque, James Harrington, Rod Herwig, Mark Hoffman, Madisson Howells, Gary Jessup, Jamie Lade, Frank Langlois, Jessica Leach, Brandon Lee, Doug Lee, Paul Leeson, Clint Lefebvre, Craig LeMoine, Andre Lepage, Joanne Lesniewski, Laura Macartney, Ryan MacLeod, Krista Mohns, Ian Muir, Bill Mulligan, Matthew Paluch, Jon Paterson, Erin Phillion, Mark Pilon, Corey Potts, Geoff Quast, Angie Rafuse, Raghu Rao, Dustin Raymond, Nik Robidas, Chantal Robinson, Kevin Rochon, Brenda Rose, Peter Rousselle, Youqing Shi, Michael Sim, Curtis Smith, Miranda Spencer, Steven Thiel, Scott Tripp, Tijmen Van Lindenberg, Joe Walsh, Morgan Weeks, Justin Wegner, Jonathan Williams, Nathan Zahn, and Mike Zinck

For work on the CANDU® Pressure Tube Sample Analysis.

CANDU pressure tubes ingress hydrogen and deuterium during service through corrosion from the heavy water coolant and at the ends through the rolled joints. Hydrogen content in pressure tubes accumulates over time and impacts the material properties, especially fracture toughness. The NPP operators are required to determine hydrogen equivalent concentration in pressure tubes by performing analyses of scrape samples taken during outage campaigns to meet fitness-for-service requirements. Scrape samples from the inside surface of pressure tubes are routinely collected and sent to labs for analysis.

In order to restart Unit 3 at Bruce Power, Bruce Power was required to perform extensive sampling from a number of additional pressure tubes and at various locations within the tubes. CNL’s Scrape Analysis team comprised of materials scientists, hot cell technicians and chemists, strongly supported by key staff from Radiation Protection, Operations, Radioactive Material Shipping and Security, worked around the clock for several months, receiving, transporting and analyzing samples in order to provide timely results on an almost daily basis to Bruce Power. These results were used to inform the sampling plans at the station, provided an extensive dataset, and supported Bruce Power to make a comprehensive case to restart Unit 3. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission allowed the restart of Unit 3 in the fall of 2021.

The level of dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction displayed by the team members was well beyond the expectations of their normal work duties.