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CNL Awards of Excellence/D.F. Torgerson Award: Hybrid Energy Optimization (HESO) Tool Team

D.F. Torgerson Award: Hybrid Energy Optimization (HESO) Tool Team

Ayman Mahmoud, Megan Moore, Travis Pettigrew, and Pronnapa Sanongboon

For the development of the Hybrid Energy Optimization (HESO) tool.

Hybrid energy systems are an integrated set of supply and / or demand sources that can be configured to account for multiple applications, including not only electricity but also space heating, water heating, and industrial process heat. These energy systems increase in complexity as more variability and demand sources are introduced into the system in support of clean energy goals. As Canada and the rest of the world look for energy solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, and low in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a new tool is needed to understand the challenges and opportunities.

The HESO model was developed using mathematical optimization to study the feasibility and benefits of nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems. The model is capable of solving large-scale problems by determining the most cost-effective energy system for a given application, based on emissions requirements and technical constraints. The model provides a tool for stakeholders and the Canadian government to use to potentially inform policy decisions on what types of energy systems will serve to enable clean energy in the future of Canadians.

In 2021, the HESO model was used to conduct various feasibility studies through collaboration with various stakeholders and partners, including Garrison Petawawa, remote mining in Northern Canada, Canadian oil sands, remote communities, CRL’s microgrid, electrification of Ontario’s residential space, and water heating.